10 Top Tips For Coping With Erasmus While In A Relationship

Chloe Drury and Katie Cooke

We all know that there is a negative stigma attached to long distance relationships. Let’s face it, it’s not exactly the most exciting prospect: living in different countries to the one you love.

BUT DON’T BE DISHEARTENED, we are here as living proof to you all that it IS indeed possible and there are many, many ways to cope with living in different countries. After all, it’s only one year!

So we would like to present to you our best advice so that you can maintain your relationship without worry or stress.

1. Be open-minded. Don’t spend too much time stressing about it or thinking about the time apart because that, of course, WILL seem overwhelming. Think instead about how special it will be each time you reunite.

2. A personal necessity for us as a couple is to always have something planned to give us something to look forward to. Book a trip somewhere, travel together, book flights! Even if it’s for in 2 months’ time, at least it’s booked and you can count down the days and look forward to that exact date that you know you will meet again.


October 2016, Alicante

3. Make time for each other and communicate. Talk on the phone instead of messaging. Even if it’s for 10 minutes a day, have a chat on the phone or on Skype because just hearing their voice will make all the difference. And make sure you ask how their day has been.

4. Show them LOVE. A simple “I love you” is always a great place to start. Tell them you’ve missed them, tell them that you’ve been thinking about them, and tell them you saw something that reminded you of them. Show them you’re proud to have them and show them how lucky you are.


December 2016, Paris

5. A cute tip from the soppiest of relationships is to send letters/postcards/packages in the post. Receiving a surprise in the post will not only make your day, but it will let you know your partner has been thinking of you. Always give the other person surprises to look forward to and to keep them guessing.

6. A little thing that has worked well for us is quite unusual but very, very effective. We have pre-written letters that say ‘Open when…’ For example:

  • ‘Open when you miss me’
  • ‘Open in March’
  • ‘Open when you’ve had a good day’
  • ‘Open when you’ve had a bad day’
  • ‘Open when you’re scared it won’t work out’

Inside the letters, we write basically exactly what the other person wants to hear when they’re feeling a bit tender. Gross and soppy, but simple and effective. Also seeing their handwriting adds a special little touch. It’s the little things.

7. Let them see your lovely smiling face. Take lots of photos. When you’re together, take photos together. When you’re apart, take photos of yourself and send them to your partner. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on their face and they’ll be grateful for it.


Christmas 2016, Cleethorpes

8. Show interest. Make an effort to show an interest in what they’ve done. Have they been at work or university all day? Ask them how it went and everything they got up to. Have they been out with friends? Get them to share the gossip. Have they stayed in all day? Ask them what programs they watched. Have they been on an adventure? Get them to tell you EVERYTHING and we guarantee they will tell you everything with excitement in the hope that you’ll be just as excited for them.

9. Remember that once you make it through this year abroad together, you will officially be the best team ever. And if you can make it through this year apart with your relationship still intact then together you can achieve anything.

10. Remember when facing the abyss of time apart that it is definitely doable and once you complete this year, you can fall back into each other’s arms for the rest of your lives and live happily ever after, or something like that anyway…

Yours truly,


(The Best Team Ever)


February 2017, Alicante


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